Zeenat Aman was in pain about marriage had said maine bahut badi galati kar di thi

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Zeenat Aman was in pain about marriage had said maine bahut badi galati kar di thi

Zeenat Aman had made many revelations about her marriage during an interview, in which she told that she was not happy even for a moment in 12 years of marriage.

Bollywood’s well-known actress Zeenat Aman has set a different trend in the industry with her acting and looks. He has given many superhit films to Bollywood. Even today people like his films very much. She is considered one of the stylish and bold actresses in Bollywood. At the same time, Zeenat Aman has also been in a lot of discussion about her personal life. His married life was full of ups and downs. She told during an interview that she was not happy in her married life.

Zeenat Aman’s life was full of difficulties. On one hand, where her film career was going towards heights, she also married actor Sanjay Khan at the same time. After marriage, his film career also got disrupted. On the other hand, Zeenat and Sanjay’s relationship had deteriorated. There was such a rift between them that both of them even started fighting.

She was badly broken after the breakup of her marriage with Sanjay Khan. He did not even think of having a relationship with anyone again. Then during that time he met Mazhar Khan. After which he married her but this marriage also did not last long. Let us tell you, Mazhar Khan and Zeenat Aman also have two sons, Jahan Khan and Ajaan Khan.

Zeenat Aman had made many revelations related to her marriage during an interview years ago. He told about his relationship in Simi Garewal’s show. During the conversation, Zeenat Aman had said that ‘she wanted to become a mother and Mazhar was also with her. Mazhar’s mother did not approve of their relationship, but still Mazhar married her. However, after a few days, the distance started coming between Mazhar and Zeenat too.

Zeenat Aman further said that ‘Mazhar did not want me to work in films. He said that I should stay at home with the children. He had also told that ‘in his 12 years of married life, he did not get happiness even for a moment’.

Zeenat Aman made many more revelations during this interview. He had said, ‘I realized shortly after marriage that I had made a big mistake. Still, I wanted to give this marriage a chance. At that time I felt as if there was no light for me in the deep tunnel.

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