The criminal who committed a hundred murders whom the court said murderer of public

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The criminal who committed a hundred murders whom the court said murderer of public

Such a criminal of Italy who removed several hundred people from his way to maintain his kingdom. He didn’t even spare a child and killed him by drowning him in acid.

Italy is a country on the world map. Today we are going to tell you the story of that dreaded murderer of Italy, who is known there as Mafia Boss. Often you must have seen in films that the big criminal, he wants to maintain his own kingdom. For this he goes to any extent. Something similar is this notorious criminal of Italy Jovani Brusca.

Brusca (Giovanni Brusca), an important member of the Sicilian mafia gang Cosa Nostra in Italy, is famous all over the world due to his ruthless crimes. Brusca’s crimes include the murder of a child by drowning in acid, as well as the felony count of a hundred murders. Among those killed by Brusca, the name of one of the country’s famous top prosecutor (Chief Investigator) Jovani Falcon has also been registered.

Brusca blew up the Chief Investigator: The murder of Giovanni Falcon, the top prosecutor who cracked down on the mafia in Italy, was one of the most brutal murders in the country. Let us tell you that in 1992, Brusca blew up the car in which Jovani Falcon was going with his wife and three bodyguards. To carry out this ruthless incident, Brusca had planted about half a ton of explosives under the road.

The court had said ‘the murderer of the public’: According to BBC news, when Brusca admitted to the court that he had committed a hundred murders, including all his crimes, he was even called a ‘murderer of the public’.

The child was murdered by drowning in acid: This eccentric criminal had killed his 11-year-old son, Giuseppe Di Matteo, to take revenge on his contemporary mafia. According to a Reuters report, Brusca first took the child hostage and beat him, then strangled the child and poured acid on the child. After the incident, the family members of the child were so scared that they could not even perform the last rites.

Government witness was made to reduce the punishment: After his arrest in 1996, this criminal was imprisoned for about 25 years. But Brusca was so eager to reduce his sentence that he even became a government witness in many cases. Even in the 80’s and 90’s, while sitting in jail, he also did an informer for the police and helped many other mafia and criminals to be caught.

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