Sushmita Sen, who was about to tie the knot twice, backtracked because of this; self explained reason

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Sushmita Sen, who was about to tie the knot twice, backtracked because of this; self explained reason

Sushmita Sen, daughter of retired Air Force Wing Commander Subir Sen and jewelery designer Subhra Sen, is considered one of the soft-spoken actresses of the film industry.

Bollywood’s famous actress Sushmita Sen has made a tremendous identity in the industry with her films and different style. Recently, Sushmita Sen shared a picture with her long time boyfriend Rohman Shawl and the fans made headlines after announcing their breakup. The breakup of Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl left their fans by surprise. Rohman also shared Sushmita Sen’s post and said that both will remain friends, but then he did not tell the reason for the breakup (Sushmita Sen Rohman Shawl Breakup).

Recently, an old interview of Sushmita Sen is also in the headlines, in which she told that almost- almost she was about to tie the knot with a wrong person, but some such condition happened due to which she He took his steps back. Sushmita herself has said this in an interview given to Simi Grewal.

Not just talking about the people whom Sushmita Sen dated, “I am so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life who have left me at the right time to move on,” Sushmita Sen said. But when Simi asked her specifically about the men in her life, Sushmita said, “They are all such wonderful people, wonderful men, so they are wrong for me!”

Simi said that Sushmita could have married ‘two or three times’, but she did not. Sushmita told that it was all for the best. She further added, “I have been very lucky. There was a time when I could make a mistake, but somewhere something went wrong. And told me in no uncertain terms ‘this is wrong, it won’t be right for me’. And then, in the end, I managed to walk away with the dignity I had left,

Finally, Sushmita said with wise words, “You have to come first to celebrate yourself, why wait for someone else to come for this?”

Sushmita recently announced that she has broken up with her boyfriend of three years, model Rohman Shawl. He wrote in an Instagram post, “We started out as friends, let’s stay friends! The relationship was very old… love is left!”

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