Rakesh Tikait Epic Reply To News Anchor Who Asks Will CM Yogi Back To Power In UP Elecion 2022

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Rakesh Tikait Epic Reply To News Anchor Who Asks Will CM Yogi Back To Power In UP Elecion 2022

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait was asked whether Yogi is returning in 2022. To this the BKU leader gave a resounding reply.

Preparations for the upcoming assembly elections in UP are going on in full swing. While the ruling party is constantly engaged in making people count the work of their last five years, the opposition is not leaving any chance to surround them. Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait is also seen very active in the midst of preparations for the UP assembly elections. He also received election offers from many parties, but he flatly refused. In this connection, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait gave an interview to News18 Uttarakhand’s show ‘Teen Ke Teer’, in which he was asked whether Yogi is returning in 2022?

A rapid fire round was played with farmer leader Rakesh Tikait in the middle of the interview. During this, the news anchor took the name of CM Yogi Adityanath, to which the farmer leader said, “It is okay too. Work fine while on your post. They have done three things as we told them.” In the midst of the interview with farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, questions were also asked in connection with the assembly elections to be held in UP.

Rakesh Tikait was asked by the news anchor, “Yogi is coming back in 2022?” Responding to this, Rakesh Tikait said, “It will not happen with honesty, it can happen with dishonesty.” Along with this, he was also questioned about contesting elections, to which the farmer leader said, “Why fight elections. Whoever will go by contesting elections, do the work.”

Talking about this, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait further said, “Whoever goes, they are all their men. No one is outsider. No Afghan man is contesting here. Be it in power or someone sitting in opposition. They all keep in touch.” The news anchor also named Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the rapid fire round.

On hearing his name, the BKYU leader said, “He follows what others say. He does not listen to the words of his own party people. Party people are also angry with him. If the law had to be withdrawn, he would have started making statements slowly. Let us tell you that in an interview, Rakesh Tikait was asked who the farmer of UP would vote for. On this, he said, “Those who do good deeds, they will get votes.”

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