Pro Kabaddi Rules And Terminology Explained From Super Raid to Bonus Point Also Know The Scoring Method PKL 2021-22

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Pro Kabaddi Rules And Terminology Explained From Super Raid to Bonus Point Also Know The Scoring Method PKL 2021-22

Professional Kabaddi is quite different from the game of Kabaddi which is usually played at the grassroots level. In this, there are many such sentences like Super Raid, Super Tackle, Bonus Point etc. which are not usually there. Also, its scoring method is also quite different.

Pro Kabaddi League is back in India after two years. Once again the sound of Kabaddi-Kabaddi has started resonating in the ears of all the fans. But this game, which is usually played at the domestic level, is a bit different at the professional level. There are many such rules in professional kabaddi and there are many such sentences which probably not everyone is aware of.

Usually it consists of two teams and 7-7 players play at a time. The player of one team goes to the other team which is called Raid. He has to touch the players of the other team and come back to his camp. The team in which the player goes to raid, the players of that team have to stop the raider, which is called defending.

The biggest question that happens is the scoring. After all, how are scores found in kabaddi and what do these sentences mean from super raid to bonus point? Let me first tell you about all such sentences one by one:-

super raid

If the raider also gets bonus points by touching 2 players of the opposing team, then in this case it is called super raid. If the raider comes back after touching three or four players, it is also called a super raid.

super tackle

If the defending team has only 3 or fewer players left on the court, and in this situation they are successful in getting the raider out, then it is called a super tackle. In such a situation, that team also gets two points.

bonus points

A line behind a court is a bonus line. If a player comes back after crossing that line while raiding, he gets a bonus point regardless of whether he touches a player or not. Here one thing is important to know, bonus points can be earned only when 6 or 7 players of the defending team are present on the court.

super 10 and high 5

A raider who scores 10 or more points through touches and bonuses is called a Super 10. Whereas the defending player gets 5 or more points through tackle, then it is called a high 5.

How to get score in Kabaddi?

The game of Kabaddi is of 40 minutes in which there are two halves of 20-20 minutes. In this game, every player of the opposing team gets one point for catching during raid. All out means 2 extra points are given to the team after all the players of the other team are dismissed. The maximum raid time is 30 seconds.

If the raider is caught with 3 or fewer defenders, the defending team gets a bonus point. Also, in Super Raid, the player who touches more than one player gets the same number of points. On the other hand, if the raider crosses the bonus line, then he is given a point. If he is caught before the raider crosses the line, the opposing team gets a point.

Some important rules you need to know?

  • Let us tell you that a raid is valid only when the raider crosses the bowl line with at least one leg while the other leg is in the air.
  • The raider has to keep on talking kabaddi-kabaddi before going to the opposition camp. He can stop speaking Kabaddi-Kabaddi by coming to his court. If he stops speaking, the raider has to return to his court without earning any points.
  • The most important thing to defend is that the raider cannot be caught by anything other than his limbs and torso. Officials take special care of this.
  • The special thing is that the players cannot go out of the court. Doing so can result in a loss of one point. In addition, there is a special area called the lobby. It is activated only when the raider has touched an opposing player.

A raid without earning points can only be done one at a time. The next raid of the attacking team after doing this twice in a row Do or Die it occurs. If they fail to score a point, the opposition team gets a point.

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