mother lies to police to protect boyfriend who murdered her baby in england

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mother lies to police to protect boyfriend who murdered her baby in england

Mother Lucy lied for a long time to save the killer of the two-and-a-half-month-old child, but the postmortem report exposed all the poles.

The word ‘mother’ in itself is considered perfect for sacrifice, penance and love. But Lucy Smith, a native of Cambridgeshire, England, lied for a long time to save Ken Mitchell, the murderer of her two-and-a-half-month-old baby. At the same time, the murderer of the child and his mother were sentenced in this case, but what was the reason behind Lucy, who was saving the killer.

When there was doubt in the initial investigation: Lucy’s child, living in the city of Cambridgeshire, was murdered in her house while she was away for some work. When she returned home, the child was lying on the ground in an injured condition. After this she went to the hospital with the child, but by then it was too late. The year was 2019 and initially Lucy denied any injury to the child regarding the whole incident. But in the end, she came under the scanner of the agencies after the postmortem report confirmed that the child had suffered a head fracture.

Such was the disclosure of the murder: Actually, in this case, Lucy tried her best to save her boyfriend Ken Mitchell, but later all the poles were exposed. When it was revealed, it was revealed that her boyfriend Ken Mitchell was present at the house with her child when Lucy was out for school work and he had slammed the child to the floor. Also, he had run away from home after carrying out the incident.

What was the punishment: The court sentenced the mother, who saved the murderer of her own child for a long time, to two years in this case, while the murder accused and Lucy’s boyfriend Ken Mitchell has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The Detective Officer probing the matter described it as a horrific incident and said that those who were responsible for the child killed him.

Some such incident happened here too: In the Noida Phase 2 area of ​​the country, a similar shocking incident has come to the fore in the past, where a 3-year-old girl was murdered by her grandmother by her lover. The girl was missing since December 23, but when it was revealed, it was found that the girl was obstructing the illicit relationship between the woman and her lover. After which both of them planned to kill the girl, as well as the murderer had also committed the crime of raping the innocent. The murderer (the lover of the girl’s grandmother) has been arrested in the case.

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