Malik’s clarification on the remarks about PM Modi, a day later said – the conversation was presented in a wrong way

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Malik’s clarification on the remarks about PM Modi, a day later said – the conversation was presented in a wrong way

Malik’s clarification has come today regarding the conversation between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik on the issue of farmers.

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik had targeted PM Modi over the issue of farmers. After this, about the manner in which PM Modi was mentioned in his conversation with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, now a day later, Malik said that it has been presented in a wrong way. In a conversation with the Indian Express, Malik said that Shah did not comment on PM Modi, but had asked him to meet as many people as possible. Malik said that a day ago he had praised PM Modi’s decision to withdraw the controversial agricultural laws and said that the Prime Minister is now on the right track.

Malik clarified regarding talks with Shah

Meghalaya Governor Malik said that PM Modi was not mentioned in the conversation with Shah, but the Union Home Minister had asked him why he was continuously making statements about farmers. On this, Malik told Shah that the Modi government should take a middle path regarding the farmers and the farmers should not be allowed to die. On this, Shah tried to understand the issue and understood it.

Meghalaya Governor Malik told the Prime Minister arrogant, then the opposition said – Modi is with those who crush them, not farmers

this is the whole matter

During a social function in Dadri, Haryana on Sunday, Governor Satya Pal Malik said, “When I went to meet the Prime Minister on the issue of farmers, I had a fight with him in five minutes. He was very proud. When I told him, 500 of our people are dead… he said, are you dead for me? I said I had died for you only, you are the king… I got into a fight. He said now you meet Amit Shah. I met Amit Shah. I said that you were dead for you, if you remain the king then it is because of him. Well I had a fight. He said you met Amit Shah. I met Amit Shah, he said – Satyapal has killed his wisdom. Don’t worry, keep meeting, it will be understood someday. However, on Monday, Malik denied that Shah told him anything like this about PM Modi.

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