ex united airlines flight attendant charged for using stolen identity of dead boy in america

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ex united airlines flight attendant charged for using stolen identity of dead boy in america

Ricardo told officers at the time of his arrest that “my dream has now been shattered and the reality is in front of me.”

A case has come to the fore from one corner of the world that you will also be shocked to hear. In this incident, a man was living on the identity of the child who died 43 years ago. Due to this identity, not only did he take citizenship of one country, but he was also living a luxurious life by getting a job in United Airlines for 20 years. But when he was caught in the past, the whole secret got exposed.

The incident is related to a person named Ricardo Cesar Guedes living in Texas, USA. Ricardo is currently 49 years old, but he lived his life on the identity of a child named William Erikson Laud, who died in 1979. This child was a resident of Atlanta, USA and died in an accident.

Job marriage all on the same identity: Ricardo Cesar Guedes got the job on the identity of this dead child, William Erikson, and most importantly, he had also registered the marriage with this identity. Ricardo Cesar was also working as a flight attendant for United Airlines for about 20 years with this identity.

America came in 1990: Ricardo Cesar told that in the year 1990, he came to America from Brazil on a tourist visa. After this, in 1998, he applied for a passport in the name of the deceased child and moved to Luke Houston, Texas. The case then did not go to trial because Ricciardo used the number on the Social Security card of the deceased William Erikson Laud, and coincidentally at that time Ricciardo’s fingerprints matched the fingerprints recorded on that card. After this, he got a job, then took home, car and everything.

HOW TO OPEN GAME: According to officials, from 1998 to December 2020, Ricardo had renewed his passport about 6 times. However, it is not yet known from where Ricardo got the Social Security. But this time the scandal erupted when he was recently caught by security service officials at George Bush International Airport in the US during a minor interrogation. Because his fingerprints also matched with some Brazilian documents.

Following this full disclosure, Ricardo Cesar Guedes has been fired by United Airlines as a flight attendant.

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