Dilip Joshi Aka Jethalal Break Silence On Daughter Niyati Grey Hair On Wedding Said This Is Not A Issue For Our Family

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Dilip Joshi Aka Jethalal Break Silence On Daughter Niyati Grey Hair On Wedding Said This Is Not A Issue For Our Family

Dilip Joshi of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’ has recently given an interview. In which he has disclosed about having white hair in the daughter’s marriage.

Jethalal i.e. Dilip Joshi, the famous artist of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’, has been in discussion for the past several days. Recently, his daughter Niyati got married, which was in the news a lot. On one hand, Dilip Joshi looked very emotional while leaving his daughter, and on the other hand, he played the drum fiercely in the marriage. Along with this, this marriage of his daughter was also very much discussed for another reason. Actually, Dilip’s daughter Niyati did not dye her hair at the wedding, she dominated social media because of her gray hair.

Dilip Joshi has now revealed in an interview about not hiding these white hair of his daughter. He told in an interview with ‘ETimes’ that ‘His keeping his white hair in marriage was not an issue for us. We never imagined that people would raise questions like this. There was never even a talk in our house about destiny’s white hair. Because whatever it is, it is right. Everyone took it in a positive way and I am glad that his move has inspired others as well.

Dilip Joshi further said that ‘I think whatever it is, it should remain as it is. We should always be in front of the world as we really are, and not wearing a mask. Dilip Joshi said, ‘In the beginning, people made a lot of talk about him. She prefers to remain low-profile. But social media is something that we cannot control. The good thing is that his move has inspired people and that is a good thing.

Dilip Joshi also spoke about his popular sitcom and how it changed his career. He shared that even though he has been playing the same role for years, he is very happy with it. He further said that ‘It is fun to be a part of it. So, as long as I am enjoying it, I will keep doing it. The day I feel that I am not able to enjoy it anymore, I will move on.

Dilip Joshi further said, ‘I keep getting offers from other shows, but I feel when it is doing well, why leave it unnecessarily. People love me so much and why would I want to ruin it for no reason.

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